Hey there-My name is Allison Smith.  I am a GWSS major.  I am looking to get a number of things from this course-I really fancy reading and have never been much of a movie buff.  Looking forward to some experience and tools to critically examine media and its messages, both inadvertent and advertent, and open up a life long dialogue about the impact the media has on women.  I also have a six year old daughter who LOVES movies and television, and I am committed to integrating the knowledge I acquire from this course into my parenting with regard to her continued exposure as she develops into an adult.  And like every GWSS course, I feel, we dismantle and unlearn and dismantle and unlearn, aaaaaand then learn anew-and it is truly life changing.  SO excited for this course!!  (Could we integrate a brief conversation about Downton Abbey and the rape scene/storyline of its fourth season, and NOW in the fifth season the not so subtle undertones of feminism to counter that mess? If there’s time and it applies.)

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