Cassie Misgen


Hi everyone! I’m Cassie, and I’m a senior here at the U of M (graduating after the Fall 2015 semester). I’m from Duluth, MN, but I love Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota, so I’m really happy to be here (although Duluth is amazing)! I’m a Political Science major and a Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies minor (GWSS), and one of my favorite topics to study/research is representations of gender and sexuality in popular culture and the media and how we as a society shape them, but also how they shape us in our more-than-ever-technology-obsessed culture and world. I’m super excited to focus specifically on feminist film studies this semester in GWSS 3307, and I’m also in GWSS 3390: Orange is the New Black, so I hope that taking both this semester will prove beneficial!

One thought on “Cassie Misgen

  1. Ah I’m so envious of you being in the OITNB class. I wanted to take it but alas I took the prototype class with Angela already so it would be silly to take it again. You’ll have to let me know how it is! (Bound to be totally awesome!)

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