Behind the Scenes

Media Example

The film, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, attempts to provide the viewer with the “authentic” behind-the-scenes experience through its two lead characters who only enter the adult film industry to prevent financial ruin. Through humor, the film manages to draw attention to some of the more harmful and ridiculous aspects of porn (e.g. slut shaming, the hotness gap), while at the same time normalizing it.

For example:

Zack Brown: I’m gonna fuck you with my pecker!

Miriam Linky: Dude… that’s really dirty.

Zack Brown: That’s too dirty?

Miriam Linky: That offends me.

Zack Brown: Penis?

Miriam Linky: Fine.

Zack Brown: I’m gonna fuck you with my penis!

It is worth noting that much of the humor in this film goes back to the idea that being respectful of women in porn is so unsexy and uncommon that Zack treating Miri as an equal becomes the punchline of the joke. This is supported by Mooney’s statement in Boys Will Be Boys that “equality is not simply unerotic but actually antithetical to eroticism”.

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