1,400 Films Directed by Women — Abby Richardson

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As evidenced in this week’s topic of female moviemakers in Hollywood, there is such a massive lack of women directing big budget films (and even small budget films). I am both a minor in GWSS and Cinema Studies and I can hardly think of more than ten female directors in Hollywood. For most people, it’s hard to think of more than two or three. Only four have ever been nominated by the Academy for Best Director, and only Kathryn Bigelow has won. What?

Thankfully, I found a list of over 1,400 female directed films!


This list has an awesome mix of genres as well as foreign films, films by queer women, women of color, etc. As someone who possibly wants to work in the industry, I think it’s so important to support films that are created by a woman’s vision rather than a man’s. We are over 50 percent of the population and we are calling such a small percentage of the shots — the New York Times article by Manohla Dargis states that “by the end of this year, this six major studios (not including their art-house divisions) will have released three movies directed by women”.

This list shows that there are incredible works out there by women. I’ve been very excited lately about Ava DuVernay’s success with Selma, and I hope I see more women on this list soon. Films about women by men are not enough (Think of the awful male direction of Blue is the Warmest Color). Let’s support women behind the scenes in the industry!

One interesting woman in Hollywood I love is Lana Wachowski. She directed The Matrix with her brother and recent films like Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending – big blockbusters by a trans woman!

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