Vulture Article on Women in Summer Movies

Media Example

Glance at this summer’s movie lineup, and you’ll notice something strange. Women are getting guns. And guitars. And emotional inner lives. And the ability to have sex, no strings attached. During the all-important, typically testosterone-soaked summer movie season, women are represented onscreen in roles besides Unidentified Love Interest No. 2.

I saw this article over the weekend, and thought it really related to what we’re talking about this week. This summer there are a whole bunch of movies coming out with female main characters! That’s really exciting. At the same time, we can see that most of these movies are being made by men. I thought it was especially interesting to see that Judd Apatow is making his first movie with a female lead considering our earlier discussion about how he portrayed a new type of masculinity. More movies with leading women is definitely a cool thing, but it would be even cooler if more of them were made by women. This article brings up the continuing limited options available to women filmmakers.

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