Working towards Equility in the Film Making Industry

Media Example

I was very interested in the lack of female representation within the movie making business and decided to do some research on the topic over the internet. I found an article that highlights the reaction of a male, Paul Feig (a large figure within hollywood), reacting to the lack of women directors and influence in making movies today. He references how Hollywood is not providing or hiring these women as directors and giving them opportunities to advance in the field. Feig believes the reason for this is because the audience of Hollywood films is predominately sexist. He supports his assertion by providing reactions from a film audience to the recent release of the new ghostbuster movie whose main characters are women, contrary to the previous main characters who were men. Feig’s views are similar to the article written by Christina Lane and Nicole Richter, who acknowledge the problems of gender and film making. Lane and Richter provide numerous statistics regarding the lack of representation of women within the industry, particularly referencing,” it would take a monumental shift in corporate and ideological systems to see more women in above the line positions”(192). Hopefully the combined work of female and male activists within the film making industry continue to change the current system, and promote the growth of female directorship.

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