Kelly Clarkson’s Baby Weight?

Media Example

There has been several comments on Kelly Clarkson’s weight gain after she had her baby River Rose last summer.

Erin Meyers in her article “The ‘Ordinary’ Celebrity and Postfeminist Media Culture” points out how US Weekly covered Kim Kardashian’s body after her pregnancy that focused “on the “struggle” of her weight during and after her pregnancy.”

What I find interesting is how Kim Kardashian’s body is covered in media versus Kelly Clarkson’s body.  In this BuzzFeed article, instead of focusing on Clarkson’s body, it talks about the anchor who commented on her body and his apology.

Should US Weekly also apologize for their comments on Kim Kardashian?  What makes Kelly Clarkson so different?

Unlike Kardashian, Clarkson is portrayed to be the down-to-earth country girl who is “just like us,” similar to how Jennifer Lawrence is viewed.  I would argue that Kardashian’s weight gain would be considered “trashy” because she can’t control her weight, while Clarkson as a celebrity is allowed to have a weight gain because she is “normal.”  What makes a celebrity “ordinary” versus a “celebrity?”


Taken from “I’m such a creative person, I yo-yo. Sometimes I’m more fit and I get into kickboxing hardcore and then sometimes I don’t and I”m like ‘I’d rather have wine.'”

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