Reflecting on the “Cool Girl” Idea in Gone Girl

Media Example

Here‘s a transcript of the scene.

Salon has an interesting interpretation of the meaning behind her argument. Amy Dunne as a character isn’t exactly the same kind of celebrity as the ones we are discussing, but she does have to act a certain way in front of men for them to like her. In a way, she discusses why being a woman is kind of a performance for others, in a similar way to how being a celebrity is playing to an audience, just a much smaller one.

It’s important to note that Amy isn’t right about everything, but she does clarify some topics. I disagree with Salon on one point–I do think Amy is a feminist character, because a person doesn’t have to be completely good to count as feminist. She brings up points that are feminist in nature, and the idea that saying that she’s not feminist because she’s evil is irrelevant. What do you guys think?

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