Do “cool” girls actually exist??

Media Example

This video sparks conversation about whether or not “cool” girls actually exist like in the Anne Helen Peterson article about Jennifer Lawrence, “Cool Girls don’t have the hang-ups of normal girls: They don’t get bogged down by the patriarchy, or worrying about their weight. They’re basically dudes masquerading in beautiful women’s bodies, reaping the privileges of both. But let’s be clear: It’s a performance. It might not be a conscious one, but it’s the way our society implicitly instructs young women on how to be awesome: Be chill and don’t be a downer, act like a dude but look like a supermodel.”  While Anne Helen Peterson says that the “cool” girl is just an act the Pop Trigger hosts question whether a girl can actually like football, beer and junk food.  Granted, the Pop Trigger hosts say some offensive things along the way, but I think they do a decent job at bringing up different dimensions of the idea of the “cool” girl.

They reference a Jezebel article written by Tracy Moore that also labels the “cool” girl as something put on to impress men, or, more specifically, nothing more than a “phase”.

Link to the Jezebel article:

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