Beauty Vloggers: consumption, public femininity, and promotional work within the online community.

Media Example

This article is about the massive beauty industry that dominates the youtube fan base. In general, beauty vloggers have the opportunity to share their secrets for the perfect beauty regime that viewers can recreate through watching a ten-minute video. The article was fascinating to me because beauty vloggers reach audiences of millions of teenagers and adult women and men, advertise beauty products for viewer consumption, and are able to self-brand and express themselves all throughout one video, or a series. These vloggers are broadcasting themselves in a post-feminist identity. Similar to Banet-Weiser, when these videos are viewed I believe young girls and women are “engaged in visual and virtual performances of “public femininty” (7). Beauty vloggers reach not only teenage girls, but all women helping them to develop their own identities through implanting ideas of different outward expressions (makeup, hair , etc) that they can use in their own lives. Super interesting!


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