Bethany Mota: An Example of Self-branding

Media Example

This article is a profile about a young YouTuber named Bethany Mota who first started making beauty videos in 2009 and is now both an Internet and fashion celebrity. Bethany’s videos include things like fashion hauls, makeup tutorials, DIY projects and daily vlogs (video blogs). With over 8 million subscribers on her YouTube account, Bethany has created a very strong brand and identity. On top of her YouTube career, she now has a clothing line with Aeropostale and appeared on Dancing with the Stars. I think that Bethany’s YouTube presence, along with many of the other celebrity beauty gurus, really exemplifies Banet-Weiser’s discussion of consumption, self-branding, and representation. The reading also discusses the ways in which the interaction between a YouTuber and their subscribers is similar to the relationship of consumers and products, which I think is very interesting especially considering that Bethany turned her self-brand into an actual brand. Now her followers can actually buy her products, which is an extension of her self-brand and a facet of post feminism.


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