Hannah Hart: Using YouTube to Reach Out

Media Example

Hannah Hart has her own YouTube channel (myharto) that started off as a drunk cooking show.  She had major success with her first video, which was made for a friend, and went from there.  As her subscribers increased, Hannah started using her channel to reach out to her viewers, including creating “Have a Hart Day”, where volunteers sign up to help out in their cities (with homeless shelters and other organizations).  On her side channel, yourharto, she has a series called “Coming Out,” where she shares her coming out story to share with her viewers, as well as help other people be accepting of themselves and others.  Her videos range from drunk cooking (sometimes with guests) to singing advice (Tunesday) to just talking about things in the news (like the importance of being an informed voter).  I really like Hannah’s channel and her success is really great to see!

Here’s a link to an interview: http://www.metro.us/entertainment/my-drunk-kitchen-youtube-star-hannah-hart-shares-journey-to-success/zsJodC—X1kCzvM94B09/


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