Using Parody to Point Out Sexism

Media Example

When reading Sarah Banet-Weiser’s paper discussing girl’s on Youtube, and how Youtube can be used as a space for “…girls to both perform gendered identity and to point out its contradictions.” Banet-Weiser used the “13 Year Old Barbie Girls” video to demonstrate how girls have been using Youtube to critique certain concepts of femininity and it immediately reminded me of this video by popular Youtuber Jenna Marbles.  In this video she points out the sexist expectations of dating women by acting out what you should do to prepare for a date in a parody context.

It’s also interesting to see how Jenna has branded herself on Youtube as a “Cool girl”, both interested in sports, food and “masculine” things while also knowing a lot about makeup, nails, hair and other “feminine” things.


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