Movie Review Blog Post

For this assignment, you will watch a film in a theater and write a feminist analysis about the film and the cinematic experience. Your blog post should focus on:

  1. Background of the film: What was the film about (keep this short <250 words)? Who made the film? What is the genre and how does it use genre conventions?
  2. Analysis of the film: How did the film represent gender, sexuality, race, nation, ability, etc.? What theories and concepts from class help you to analyze the film (the gaze, socio-cultural context, spectatorship, identification)? How does the film create meaning? What was your reaction to the film? What cinematic aspects are relevant to your analysis (camera angles, scene composition, set, lighting, sound, etc.)?
  3. The public cinema experience: Who was there? How did they interact with the film, with the theater space, with each other?
  4. The space: What was the building like? What neighborhood is it in?
  5. The economics: How much was your ticket? Were you encouraged to buy food/drinks, and if so, how?),
  6. The collective film watching experience: Did you react differently than if you had watched this film in your own home? Did you go with anybody else? Did the audience yell/cry/gasp/jump/walk out at particular moments?).

Blog Post Requirements

  • 1300-1500 words.
  • Catchy and descriptive title.
  • Cite sources (author and page number).
  • Include media examples from the work under examination as evidence for your argument (video clips, film stills, images, and/or audio). If you can’t find clips from the scenes you want to describe, you can describe it in prose.
  • At least 2 quotes from course readings to provide evidence of your argument. Indicate who/where it’s from and page number when you mention it.
  • A well-formulated argument with a clear thesis statement upfront and supporting explanation throughout.
  • Underline your thesis statement.
  • A clear discussion of the film text, the public experience, the space, the economics, and the collective film watching experience.
  • Relevant tags: Movie Review, title of film, theories/concepts from class.



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