Welcome to the Spring 2015 website for Feminist Film Studies in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies at the University of Minnesota.

This website contains our schedule, assignments, projects, and course blog. Check out the tabs at the top of this page for these materials. You will find all of the readings on our Moodle site.

For more information or questions, email Jacquelyn Arcy at arcyx001@umn.edu.

Course Info

GWSS 3307: Feminist Film Studies

Weds 4-6:30p

Amundson Hall 120

Office Hours: Weds 2:30-4p

Twitter Hashtag: #femfilm15

Course Description

In this upper-level film analysis and theory course, we will survey multiple approaches to feminist film theory and use what we learn to examine films and related media. The course will investigate constructions of gender and seek to problematize conventional notions of femininity and masculinity while also considering issues of sexual orientation, race, class, celebrity, and film aesthetics.

Through screenings and course readings we will trace key concepts and debates in feminist film theory, criticism, and history considering critical reception, historical context, and sociopolitical implications of representation. Through discussions and writing we aim to discern the relevant social, political, ideological, and aesthetic differences of the media we examine.



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